Give Your Customers The Heart Eyes

If you’ve been following the marketing plan from the April issue of our monthly e-mag WORK//BOOK™, your followers should be showering you with comments and likes on Instagram by now. That means you’re well on your way to starting off with a high placement on your followers’ newsfeeds when the algorithm is fully implemented on Insta.

Since no one knows when that will be (they’re currently testing the algorithm on select accounts), you should build on the momentum that you’ve gained over the last month by continuing to engage your followers on your feed while actively growing your audience by engaging them on their feeds.

That’s right… it’s time to show current and prospective customers that you like them, you really like them. If you follow our five-step plan below, they’ll be sure to show you that they like you too.


The best way to accomplish something is to commit your goals to writing, make a plan ­to get there and then goal get them! (More in that in next week’s blog post.) Look at the number of followers you have on Instagram today, and decide how many you want to have at the end of June. Use the Instagram Growth Goal WORK//SHEET™ included with this month’s subscription to write down your goal (and significantly increase your chance of nailing it!) and track your progress.


“If you build it, they will come” may be true for baseball diamonds, but to build the following of your dreams, you need to go where your audience is. Check out our list of potential sources in the May issue of our member WORK//BOOK™ then move to step 3 to find out what to do recruit them.


Once you’ve found your potential followers, it’s time to get their attention. Catch their eyes by going to their Instagram profiles, liking two photos and commenting on a third. Avoid off-putting a potential follower with generic statements like, “Sweet!” or “Have an awesome day!” Instead post something that is complimentary and relevant to the photo. By engaging with them three times at   once on their profile (two likes and a comment), the user will take notice of you in their notifications and likely follow you back.


When you gain a new follower, let them know you like them too by thanking them for following you in a direct message. We use a video and a follow up text message to make an impression and connect with our new followers.


Set aside two to three 10-minute breaks every day to scroll through your store’s Instagram feed and comment on your followers’ posts (or delegate this to a social savvy employee). Remember, they’re more likely to show that they heart you if you show that you heart them too!

This is an excerpt from the May issue of WORK//BOOK™, our monthly e-magazine for WORK//SHOP™ members. WORK//SHOPAHOLICS™ can read the full article and download the accompanying Instagram Growth Goal WORK//SHEET™ in the members’ area of

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