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Why take a course? To make money, of course!

We know how much is competing for your time, attention and money, because we’re small business owners JUST LIKE YOU. We developed the Simple Social Media System out of the need to be able to fit the best practices that we’ve honed over our marketing careers into the time constraints we felt as new business owners.

That’s right. We didn’t create this system to make money. We created it to save our sanity. Turns out, though, it did BOTH! That’s when we knew we HAD TO SHARE THIS MONEY-MAKING, TIME-SAVING SYSTEM with other biz owners.

So we tested it out with some of our consulting clients, and they loved it as much as we did. Sure, it’s fun. Sure’s, it simple. But most importantly, it WORKS. For us. For them. For you.

For the first time we are making the Simple Social System affordable for anyone to learn. Our brand new watch-at-your-own-pace e-course puts the system at your fingertips in 10 video installments. Enroll in the Simple Social System E-Course, and you’ll also get a free month of marketing membership and 5 BONUS video lessons. Keep reading for the deets.

…You ladies rocked it. Great job. I feel all independent business owners need your training…

Steve Helton

Once you take the 10-lesson Simple Social System e-course, you’ll know exactly how to use Facebook and Instagram to create ads and content that make money for your business… and you’ll be able to do it in less time than you’re probably spending on social now.

Learn-At-Your-Own-Pace Lessons:

  1. The 3 Traffic-Driving Ways You Should Be Using Social Media
  2. Social Profilin’ (Setting Up Your Pages and Profiles For Success)
  3. Social Stylin’ (Creating Your Business’s Visual Brand)
  4. Killer Content That Won’t Kill You (Create an Entire Month’s Social Media Plan in an Hour or Less!)
  5. Intro to Facebook and Insta Ads
  6. Determine What You Want to Deliver (Choosing Your Ad Objectives)
  7. Laser Focus and Target your Audience
  8. Money Matters (Determining Your Ad Budget)
  9. Designing Ads that Convert from Content to Copy
  10. Evaluate and Celebrate!


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Includes a free month of WORK//SHOP membership!
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Plus FIVE Bonus Lessons:

  1. iPhoneography (Style, Shoot and Share Phone Pics that Look Pro)
  2. How To Grow Your Reach Among the Right Audience
  3. Contests, Take-Overs and Influencers For The Win
  4. How To Make Money Selling on Facebook and Instagram
  5. Other Ways to Be Social (Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter and More!)


Enroll in our e-course and get a free trial membership!

Look at you, star student! Sign up for the Simple Social System e-course and get a free 30-day membership trial. Simple Social System WORK//SHOP members receive a digital WORK//KIT that lays out money-making, sanity-saving marketing plans for the upcoming month AND have access to our exclusive Facebook group (filled with other ambitious small biz owners just like you!), monthly training webinars, ten-minute weekly tips and more.


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