Want killer social media for your business that doesn’t kill you?

Then our WORK//SHOP™ marketing membership is for you! Each month, WORK//SHOP members receive a digital WORK//KIT™ that lays out money-making, sanity-saving marketing plans for the upcoming month, AND YOUR FIRST MONTH IS FREE!

WORK//SHOPAHOLICS™ also have access to our exclusive Facebook group (filled with other ambitious small biz owners just like you!), monthly training webinars and ten-minute weekly tips. Find out more below!

The information has been phenomenal and customers are noticing the changes. I have you both to thank. It has been life changing for me and helped my focus in a major way. Keep up the amazing work…

Leslie Jackson

And Inspirations Boutique

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– that’s what we call our fabulous WORK//SHOP members –


Monthly social media + marketing WORK//KITS delivered directly to your inbox, which consist of:

  • WORK//BOOK™, our digital marketing magazine
  • Printable social media planning WORK//SHEETS™
  • Monthly social media marketing plans and strategies
  • Lists of trending holidays + hashtags to use in your marketing each month
  • Interviews and reports form industry influencers to keep you in the know and in the money
  • Updates on changes to your favorite social media platforms and plans to help you address them

Monthly TAKE//ACTION™ marketing trainings to:

  • Walk through the upcoming month’s marketing strategies, action plans and goals
  • PLUS get your chance to ask questions directly to Linley+Lauren!

Weekly updates including:

  • 10-minute Facebook Live TAKE//ACTION trainings on our favorite time-saving tools, trending topics and simple social strategies you can instantly implement so you can get in, get out and get on with your business
  • Weekly reminder emails with trending hashtags and holidays to pay attention to over the next 7 days

Goal-getting resources including:

  • Annual goal-setting WORK//SHEETS to go through our purpose-driven WORK//FLOW™ process, uncover your priorities and goals (for yourself and your business!), and make plans to burst through them
  • The WORK//UP™ goal getting webinar to walk through your WORK//SHEETS and the WORK//FLOW process
  • Monthly WORK//UP sheets to check in on your progress, review your goals and tweak them if needed

An invitation to the exclusive WORK//SHOPAHOLIC Facebook group!

If two is better than one, imagine what oodles of likeminded retailers can do! Share ideas, learn from each other’s mishaps, build on your strengths and create epic success together in our vibrant online community of store owners and operators just like you. PLUS ask us questions in real time and get instant updates whenever something new is happening in the social world that you need to know.

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