We’ve been talking a lot about working hard so your customers shop harder over on Insta (our absolute FAVE place to mix and mingle with you, by the way), but many of you have wondered, “So how exactly are you doing that?”

So glad you asked!

This week we are introducing WORK//SHOP, our marketing and store planning resources for independent retailers. Before we break down WHAT those resources are, let’s talk about who they’re for so you can decide if it’s right for you.

WORK//SHOP is right for you if you:

– are an independent retailer with a brick-and-mortar location

– are a small business owner with BIG dreams

– have got it going on operationally but have been flying by the seat of your pants when it comes to marketing (especially social media), staff training or other non-essentials that are actually quite essential to your store’s growth (not to mention your sanity!)

– know that you have a few things you want to improve on this year but you either don’t know how to do it or what they even should be!

– are overwhelmed or understaffed or just need a little help to give you the retail research and resources you don’t have time to dig up on your own

Are you jumping up and down right now because we just described you? We are too! So let’s get down to business.

Our resources will give you the tools you need to make your marketing more profitable, improve your staff training (and sales) and streamline your store planning so work starts to feel like playing shop again.

Our services boil down to two things:

– E-courses designed to dive deep into a particular marketing topic (we’re starting with social media!) so you master the skills needed to dive in on your own and make money using them

– Marketing and store planning kits delivered monthly to your inbox to provide you with ideas and action plans (Bonus! This also comes with WORK//SHOP membership, which includes access to our exclusive Facebook group and webinars!)

Still with us? Great! Let’s dive into the details.


We’re starting with the two topics we get the most questions about: Facebook and Instagram. You’ll learn through our series of watch-(and rewatch!)-as-you-go video installments, and we’ll answer any questions you come up with during our bi-monthly course support webinars.

WTF (Why The Facebook?!?)

Our Facebook course covers why Facebook content isn’t working for retail stores and how to use Facebook ads to turn Facebook into a money-making machine for your store. You’ll walk away with an advanced knowledge of Facebook ads including how to:

– define and target the right audience

– use the Facebook Power Editor

– create ad content that creates results

– create Facebook page content that supports your ad efforts without a whole lot of extra effort

– use your in-store traffic to reach new customers online


Our Instagram course takes the guesswork out of creating and posting content regularly (which is what it takes to make Instagram work for your store). You’ll walk away with:

– our secret formula for dressing Instagram for success from your profile to your pics

– a suggested content schedule tailor made for retail stores.

– how to grow your Instagram reach among the right audience

– how to make money selling on Instagram

WORK//SHOP Membership and Monthly WORK//KITS

WORK//SHOP membership comes with monthly marketing and store planning kits delivered to your inbox each month, as well as access to our exclusive Facebook group (filled with other retailers just like you!) and an invitation to monthly webinars.

WORK//SHOPaholics – that’s what we call our fabulous WORK//SHOP members – receive:

– Annual Goal-Setting WORK//SHEETS including:

  • Our easy-to-use formula to determine your financial goals for the year as well as quarterly and monthly breakdowns to reach them
  • Our purpose-driven WORK//FLOW process to set top priorities for the year so you can design your quarterly, monthly and daily Take Care Lists to meet them – for yourself and your store!
  • Our WORK//UP goal setting webinar to walk through the starter WORK//SHEETS and uncover your goals and priorities

– Monthly marketing and store planning WORK//KITS delivered directly to your inbox, which consist of a digital member magazine and printable WORK//SHEETS that include:

  • a monthly marketing and PR strategy
  • Sales goal action plan
  • WORK//FORCE staff management tools and ideas to keep your good employees and make them GREAT!
  • Customer service focus for the month, including WORK//FORCE staff training lessons and printables
  • Merchandising inspiration and ideas
  • Important buying and marketing dates to look ahead so you never get caught off guard
  • Unique focus for each month so you take time to take care of multiple aspects of owning or operating a store throughout the year
  • Interviews and reports form industry influencers to keep you in the know and in the money

– Monthly webinar to:

  • Walk through each month’s WORK//SHEETS, action plans and goals
  • Dive deeper into our unique focus topic for the month
  • Learn from a fellow featured retailer
  • PLUS get your chance to ask questions directly to Linley+Lauren

– An invitation to the exclusive WORK//SHOPAHOLIC Facebook group: If two is better than one, imagine what oodles of likeminded retailers can do! Share ideas, learn from each other’s mishaps, build on your strengths and create epic success together in our vibrant online community of store owners and operators just like you.

Are you so totally in? If so, there are three ways to become a member:

– Month-to-month (Don’t worry! You can cancel at any time if it just isn’t the right fit for your store.)

– Annual – pay for the year in full to receive one month free!

– Annual membership PLUS RETAIL//THERAPY personalized coaching

RETAIL//THERAPY Personalized Coaching

RETAIL//THERAPY is a program for you if you are looking for individualized goals and action plans in addition to the benefits of WORK//SHOP membership. In addition to the annual WORK//SHOP membership, RETAIL//THERAPY squad members receive:

– A two-hour individualized WORK//UP consultation

– 12 one-hour monthly TAKE//CARE consultations to keep you moving toward your goals

Whew! That’s all, folks (for now). But before we wrap up, we’ll answer one more frequently asked question:

Which should I pick: e-courses or membership?

Our answer: BOTH. And we’re not just saying that. The courses were designed to give you a ninja-like mastery of the topic at hand, while membership and the included monthly WORK//KITS give you a blueprint to set your goals and reach them day-by-day, week-by-week and month-by-month.

If you’re not quite ready to jump into both (Trust us… no hard feelings!), then think about your biggest need and go from there. Do you have your goals set and a great content and store plan in place but need a deeper understanding of the ins and outs of social media? If so, start with our courses. Are you pulling your hair out trying to balance store management with staff training and a marketing calendar? Then membership is for you!

And yes, we’ve saved the best for last.

We just returned from AmericasMart’s January gift and home show, where we gave six oh-so-fabulous seminars with some even-more-fabulous retailers on succeeding with social media. To celebrate, we offered special reduced pricing on all of our services through the end of the show… which we’ve decided to extend through this Friday, January 22!!! (The first WORK//KIT and course lessons go out on February 1, so it’s the perfect time to lock in your spot!)

Head to www.retailerworkshop.com/atlmkt to take advantage of this special offer. No matter what you choose, we can’t wait to welcome you to the WORK//SHOP squad!!!