Picture Perfect

These days your shoppers are looking for any excuse to post something special on social media. Carrying products that encourage posting is the best way to ensure that your store is always a part of the conversation. The fabulous thing for you as a retailer is that there are so many designers and manufacturers that are embracing this trend and creating products tailor made for social sharing.

Wear It and Share It

Ready to post products are all the rage. Be sure you are ahead of the trend by carrying post-worthy products. Photo Credit: t+j Designs

No matter what type of store you own, there are so many ways to engage your social shoppers from entertaining products that allow consumers to “host it and post it,” to clothes that encourage buyers to “wear it and share it” to Pinteresty products that tell shoppers “don’t DIY it, just buy it.” There’s truly something social for every store! 

Host It and Post It

Adding clever wording to dessert plates or serving trays can turn them from tired to trendy. We love 8 Oak Lane’s suggestion to “host it and post it”, meaning if you have adorable products to entertain with, you can easily post photos of your social soirees looking fabulous! Wanting to add these products to your lineup? Keep your eyes peeled for plates, cups, glasses, napkins… really any type of serving or entertaining item with cute clever quips. Then encourage your shoppers to post pictures when they use them. Just don’t forget to remind them to tag your store!

Wear It and Share It

If words work on entertaining items, why not apparel? Trendy tees are popping up everywhere with humorous puns that are fun to share on social media. We love t+j Designs, but there are many designers out there with loads of styles to choose from. You could even work with a local screen printer to have shirts made that are specific to your store or your geographic area. Wordy t-shirts aren’t the only apparel item that have capitalized on this trend… skirts with trendy icons like pineapples and flamingos, embroidered hats, jewelry with inspirational messaging. Chances are if your customers can wear it, they’ll share it!

Don’t DIY It, Buy It

Just about everyone has heard of Pinterest, and most of your shoppers are busy pinning ideas for their next party, meal or home decor project. The problem is, many of them never have the time to actually do anything they have pinned! That’s where you come in! From watercolored pillows (like these pictured from Julie Kay Designs) to hand painted prints, your busy shoppers will be thrilled when they find items in your store that they have been wanting to create but now they don’t have to because they can just buy them from you! Again, remind your shoppers to post photos of the products when they get them home and be sure to tag your store – then their friends will be back to shop for more!

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