No bride wants to be bridezilla… or at least we’re pretty sure they don’t. The transformation probably occurs when an unwitting (albeit discerning) gal gets overwhelmed by the multitude of tasks on one of the many to-do lists tucked away in the all-encompassing five-inch, three-ring binder that Pinterest has convinced her she must have to plan her perfect wedding day.

After Linley’s 15 years of marriage (which she celebrated with her husband David on May 19!) and Lauren’s almost 8, we want to tell brides-to-be to stop focusing on all the wrong things. That they should enjoy the engagement instead of planning it away, and that they should be planning their marriage, not their wedding day.

Funny enough, though, life can be kind of like that too. With so many have-to-dos at work, in our homes and wherever else we devote our time, it’s easy to forget to focus on the things that matter most. The connected world that we live in can make it even harder, and when our many mental to-do lists start to swirl around in our minds, we may become — you guessed it — workzilla. (Dun dun duuuuuuuuun!)

Talk to anyone who’s walked in your shoes before you, and they’ll tell you to slow down. They’ll say that life moves fast and that you’ll miss these days… and they’re right.

Taking Time To Take CareThat’s why we’re asking you to take a vow with us this summer. We’re committing to make time to unplug and take care of who and what matters most in our lives. That means we’re making plans to go offline and engage with the people who mean the most to us and in the activities that juice us up:

  • We’re committed to starting each workday with a devotional and in prayer together, no matter how long our to-do list is.
  • We’ve each scheduled vacations so we can give our friends and families uninterrupted attention.
  • Lauren’s set a goal to run 250 miles this summer… only 190 to go!
  • Linley’s set a goal to check off several home projects this summer… painting party anyone?
  • We’ll also be savoring the summer by scheduling regular afternoons off with our children while they’re out of school.

Now it’s your turn! We’ll be using our hashtag #takingtimetotakecare to journal our journeys in taking care of what matters most, and you can too! Remember, people who set goals and report their progress to friends are more likely to achieve them, and we can think of no better goal to burst through with you than taking care. Tag… you’re it!

Remember, our business is to help you take care of your business, but our purpose is to help you take care of you and what matters most in your life.

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