As LP2 has launched and become a reality, we are dedicated to keeping our “take care” mantra at the center of our business. This month, we want to share something with you that’s become very special to us…

Months ago when we decided to take the leap and go into business, it was scary, exciting and exhilarating all at the same time. We were two women – wives and moms – that decided to hold hands and take that big next step. What we discovered as we ventured into the uncharted territory is that even though we sometimes felt like we were on an island, we were never alone…

When we made plans for our business – carefully crafted goals and dreams for our new adventure – our pie in the sky ambition was to speak at AmericasMart. We knew it would be a perfect partnership, but we also knew that it was a big dream. Through hard work and perseverance, all the stars aligned and we found ourselves on the AmericasMart stage in Atlanta. It was everything we had imagined and more! It was such a whirlwind – meeting with amazing retailers (like many of you), growing our business and most importantly seeing the businesses we were working with grow along with us. The best part – it has not only become a partnership but a friendship!

As we drove home from Atlanta after our first seminar series and reflected on our experience, we realized we could have never accomplished any of it without the help and encouragement of others along the way. At almost every turn, during each big decision, whenever something amazing would happen, or when a door would fling wide open, there was always someone there with us. Now maybe they weren’t sitting right there next to us, but they had helped us get where we were going. It was different people at different times, but the constant was that we were never alone.

Someone went out of their way to make an introduction, someone shared our story on social media, someone took a chance on two crazy girls who love pink almost as much as they love to sing silly songs. It’s really as simple as a bell hop who carries a really heavy box all the way across the market building because he can tell that you just can’t carry one more thing. The point is, when you help someone, you have no idea how far the ripples may go… so we decided to keep track of all of the instances where we were not worthy of such grace in a gratitude journal. It is amazing to look back over it and see how all of the ripples have made huge waves in our business and in our lives.

AmericasMart Team Taking CareThis picture is a perfect example of a few of the folks who went out of their way to help us make it happen. The AmericasMart events team is made up of the most amazing group of talented, caring people and it has been a privilege for us to work with them. The night before our appearance during this month’s Apparel Mart, the team stayed late to help us blow up hundreds of balloons. No one asked them to help. They just jumped in and made sure that we weren’t in it alone. Our hope is that we can give back what we have received by helping others who are on a similar journey, and we encourage you to keep a gratitude journal as well to be reminded of those that take care of you.

Remember, our business is to help you take care of your business, but our purpose is to help you take care of you and what matters most in your life.