That was AH-mazing, Biz Bestie!

We had SO. MUCH. FUN. at your Matilda Jane exclusive Simple Social Training!

You can watch the online training event again and again right here, whether you couldn’t make it to the live webinar, were tardy for the party or just can’t get enough of the social savvy knowledge bombs we dropped! While you’re here, check out the resources section of this page for the links and content planning WORK//SHEETS we mentioned during the training!

Come Mr. DJ, song pon de replay…

…or something like that. Here’s the video replay of the Simple Social training webinar!


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Get ready to create killer content that won’t kill you using our social media content planning WORK//SHEETS! They’ll walk you through our process to plan an entire month’s social media plan in one hour or less. (Yes, you read that right!)
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Links and Apps We Mentioned

Head to our blog post on Instagram’s new business profile to find out more about its features. While you’re there, browse through the archives for oodles of social media strategies, tip and tricks!
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We love Instagram’s new Snapchat-esque feature, Instagram Stories. Once you’re in our Facebook group, you can watch our video on why we love it and how you can use it for your biz.
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One of the easiest and most effective (yay!) ways to deliver valuable content and build valuable relationships with your followers is through Facebook Live, the social channel’s live video broadcasting tool. Once you’re in our Facebook group, you can watch our video on why we love it and how you can use it for your biz.
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Most business owners are on social media because they “have” to be, but they don’t have clear goals for its use. Social media is a vehicle to help you achieve your overall business goals. Create strategic goals for your business first then align your social media content and ads to achieve them.
Click here to read our blog post on our WORK//FLOW goal setting process >>
Read our blog post on checking in on your goal’s each month >>

How do we create a circle border on our Instagram photos? With the app-solutely fabulous Afterlight!
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A Color Story is a great app for editing your photos with professional polish!
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You can make professional looking graphics without a graphic designer or expensive software right from your desktop or phone! Click the links below to learn more about two of our faves tools:
Canva >>
WordSwag >>

We just can’t get enough of Schedugram, which allows us schedule our Instagram posts ahead. Read our blog post on this sanity-saver and don’t miss the code at the bottom of the blog post to save $5 on your first month!
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