Socialize Your Staff

In the April issue of WORK//BOOK™ (our monthly e-magazine for WORK//SHOP™ members), we addressed many different aspects of social media as it pertains to your business. What we haven’t discussed is whether or not you are going to be able to keep up with everything that is changing in the social world as well as maintaining all of the other responsibilities of running your store. Social media can be time consuming and can keep you from focusing on the big picture. This is where delegation becomes a celebration!

We highly recommend delegating some (or all) of your social media tasks to an employee. Woo hoo! Rather than hiring a third party to run your social media for you, delegating to an internal employee keeps your social content fresh, spontaneous and true to your brand. April’s member WORK//BOOK™ features a few things to keep in mind when choosing an employee to handle your social media:

Pick a Point Person

Social media is a huge part of any retail business so it is best to have one person that you trust overseeing all of the tasks associated with your social strategy. This allows you to have a point person that the rest of your employees know is in charge even if several small tasks are delegated further. Your point person can provide you with updates and can ensure that your messaging stays consistent.

Supervise and Advise

Even though you entrust your social media management to an employee, you’ll want to always supervise their work. Social media mistakes can happen quickly and can become a viral nightmare if left unchecked. Creating a checks and balances system will ensure that nothing is posted without your oversight.

Create To-Do Lists

There are many tasks associated with social media management. From creating content to responding to comments, each task can keep your employees busy spinning their wheels. April’s member WORK//SHEETS™ include a TAKE//CARE™ List to keep track of each task and the average amount of time that should be spent on it.

Let Them Grow

In addition to taking some of the burden off of your shoulders, another advantage of having your staff handle your social media is that it allows them to grow in their job, their skill sets and their responsibility. By entrusting them with important duties, you allow them the opportunity to become the employees that you know they can be.

While we do recommend delegation, you don’t want to turn over your social media reins without a strategy in place. Be sure that you have set goals for what you want to accomplish, have a style guide available to direct the look of your content and create a content calendar that will drive your social media activities. This gives the employee you charge with managing your accounts a clear path to social success!

So are you ready to delegate and celebrate?

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