Hey, Biz Bestie!

It’s almost time to party…
and by party, we mean learn a whole lot so you can make a whole lotta money!

To make sure you’re ready for our action-packed, fun-filled day of learning and collaborating, we’ve got two video lessons for you to complete before the big day! Each one will take you less than an hour to complete and will lay the foundation for all the knowledge bombs we’ll be dropping during your Biz Bestie Bootcamp.

Lesson One // Goal Getting

It’s time to go with the WORK//FLOW™… Our WORK//FLOW goal setting process, that is. This is a huge part of making the most of Biz Bestie Bootcamp since your goals and the TAKE//CARE™ lists you’ll create will help you determine how to best use your new social skills in your biz. But more than that, this is a huge part of working ON your business instead of just IN it.

Ready to get goaling? Here’s how:

1. Print Your WORK//SHEETS™

Download and print our WORK//FLOW WORK//SHEETS. You’ll use them to go through the WORK//FLOW process, uncover your priorities and goals, and make plans to burst through them! Download your WORK//SHEETS >>

2. Watch the Video Lesson

3. Keep up the good work! Give yourself a monthly WORK//UP after the event.

Each month check in on your progress, review your goals and tweak them if needed using the monthly WORK//UP sheets. Download the monthly WORK//SHEETS >>

Lesson Two // Social Stylin’

Forget first impressions… Shoppers have to be exposed to your brand at least seven times before they’re ready to buy. In this lesson, you’ll develop your brand statement, mood boards and style guide, so you have the voice and look you need to get your customers to stop scrolling and start shopping using the social strategies you’ll learn at bootcamp!

Ready to be social stylin’ and profilin’? Here’s how:

1. Print Your WORK//SHEETS™

Download this lessons WORK//SHEETS™ >>

2. Watch the Video Lesson

Time Left Until Biz Bestie Bootcamp Day:









Friday, August 26
Check-In, Caffeinate + Connect from 9 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.
Goodwood Museum & Gardens // Jubilee Cottage
Click here for directions >>