Anyone who’s been to one of our 8-hour marathon seminar days – or gotten caught between us in a social situation – knows that we’re rarely short on words. 😂

Yet we’ve been conspicuously quiet here on the blog for a few months… with good reason. We’ve been hard at work maintaining business as usual while praying over and planning our company’s future, and man are we excited about what’s in store!

We’ve come to think of the first year of our business as its caterpillar stage. There’s nothing wrong with being a caterpillar. In fact, caterpillars are pretty cool. They’re fully functioning living creatures. They can sustain astounding growth. (Seriously, they can increase their body size by as much as 1,000 times! #nerdalert) They even inspired a bestseller that generations of bookworms have eaten up.

All in all, it’d be okay to move forward in life as a caterpillar… except we know what it is capable of. The caterpillar can transform into a butterfly.

That’s why we’ve decided to let LP2 spread its wings and fly.


A Hope and a Prayer

Our business has been rooted in prayer since the very first night we met to explore the possibility of starting it. At the time, God placed a desire on our hearts to take better care of our faith, our family and ourselves. Thus we started the process of creating a business that would allow us the means and the flexibility to do just that.

The funny thing about God, though, is that he sees a much bigger picture than we are capable of even dreaming, and He soon revealed His bigger purpose for our business. If we felt the conviction to take better care of the blessings He entrusted to us, weren’t there others who felt the same? God had been preparing our hearts by helping us realize that our needs as working moms were the same as so many others. Just like that, the focus of our purpose quickly expanded beyond just taking better care of who and what matters most in our lives to helping others do the same in theirs.


Let It Grow, Let It Grow, Can’t Hold Us Back Anymore…

So what does this mean to our business, and, more importantly, to you?

First and foremost, it’s a commitment from us that we will continue to operate out of a spirit of giving, trusting in God that He will provide for us so that we can continue to serve Him. Over more than a decade in business (that’s our story and we’re sticking to it… even when we’re 80), we have been well-trained in the art of negotiating, selling and looking out for #1. But with God’s urging, we decided to break the rules, prioritizing co-opetition over competition, giving grace instead of grief when something goes awry and knowing that if we do our best to serve or customers and partners, we too will be met with grace when we fall short. (Hey… It happens to the best of us!)

Second, we’re on a mission to reach more working women and small biz owners with our mission — to  help them “take care.” When we started LP2, we focused exclusively on a specific industry (which we continue to love and serve), but as we talked to friends, family and new biz besties, we realized that there is an abundance of boss babes in other industries that can benefit from our social media training and message of taking care too. That’s why we’re exploring opportunities to reach as many people as possible through our speaking engagements, our services, our blog and our social media.

Which leads us to God’s current plans for our business. Our trade is social media and content marketing. Our business is offering services that help small biz owners take care of business by simplifying social media, which helps us to realize our purpose: helping them take care of what matters most in their lives. We strongly believe (and see in our business) that when you make the most of your time at work, you can minimize the amount of time you spend there so you can get on with living.

With that in mind, we’re expanding our activities to support the three areas of business that God has placed on our hearts and minds:

  1. Simplifying social media and content marketing by offering training services for small biz owners and solopreneurs
  2. Goal setting and goal getting so you can focus on what matters most and filter out the rest
  3. Helping you take care of business so you can get on with taking care of who and what matters most in your life

Now that the caterpillar’s out of the bag, errrr, cocoon, we’ll be talking more about each of the three principles of our business here on the blog over the next few weeks to give you a clear idea of what we offer and who we’re here to serve.


We Believe We Can Fly

We’re still in the chrysalis stage, wrapped tight in our cocoon preparing to fly, so stay tuned for exciting things to come over the next few weeks and months. Sure, we could have waited to share this until some of those plans were ready, but since we’re breaking some business rules, we’d like to ask for your prayers over us, our business and our families as we work to make our dreams a reality. And if you’re a working mom or small business owner, let us know how we can best serve you… even if you’re just looking for a few extra prayer warriors too. There are two biz besties waiting right here to root you on!

Listen carefully to what I am saying—and be wary of the shrewd advice that tells you how to get ahead in the world on your own. Giving, not getting, is the way. Generosity begets generosity. Stinginess impoverishes. Mark 4:24-25