IconosquarePreviously known as Statigram, Iconosquare is your Instagram account’s best friend. Originally developed to be an analytics and marketing suite for Instagram, Iconosquare now works with your account to help you promote your feed, build your community and measure your efforts.

We use Iconosquare every day as we monitor our Instagram activities, and we really dive in each month as we review our analytics and plan for the future. Iconosquare’s over 260,000 users can’t be wrong. It is truly a powerful tool that can take your social media to the next level. While it’s not actually an ‘app’ for your phone, you can access Iconosquare on your smartphone via the web. We recommend using your desktop as it is the most user-friendly interface.


Iconosquare provides many avenues for you to increase exposure across the web. First, you can give your Facebook fans an easy way to engage with your Instagram content by creating a custom tab on your Facebook Page where your instagram feed is housed. There are several layouts to choose from and you can easily moderate what content is shown.

Additionally, Iconosquare has built an easy-to-install photo gallery widget that you can use if you have a website. Again, there are several layouts to choose from and it is easily customizeable.

Finally Iconosquare generates a vanity URL for your Instagram feed so that your customers that don’t have Instagram or Facebook accounts can easily browse your content.

These solutions give you the ability to make the most of your content and allow you to be sure it has as many eyes on it as possible.


Iconosquare will put you right in the middle of the conversation with your followers. Their conversation tracker allows you to track, moderate and respond to comments at a glance. You will be notified of all comments made and can respond back directly from Iconosquare and even use emojis. You can mark comments as read or unread if you want to come back to them later on and even delete inappropriate ones.

Engage your audience further with photo or video contests to get more followers and promote brand loyalty. (Read more about hashtag contests >>) For an additional fee Iconosquare makes it easy to set up, promote, moderate, monitor and publish results of an Instagram contest all within the platform.

You can even measure the success of the contest with their online dashboard. There you’ll find metrics such as the total number of likes received by photos tagged with the hashtag of your contest. You can even go as far as accepting entries on Facebook and Twitter to get the maximum engagement from your community.


Now this is where  Iconosquare really shines – metrics! You will have a dashboard that gives you access to the key metrics you want to know about your Instagram account. See stats like your total number of likes received, your most liked photos ever, your average number of likes and comments per photo, your follower growth charts and even more advanced analytics. All of this may seem overwhelming, but when you know what to look for you can become an Instagram strategy Ninja! With Iconosquare metrics, you can easily keep tabs on these indicators:


  • Follower growth
  • Gained and lost followers
  • Media posted


  • Best time to post to maximize engagement
  • Filter impacts on engagement


  • Likes and comments growth
  • Most engaging posts
  • Love rate, talk rate, spread rate


  • Most engaged followers
  • New and lost followers identification
  • Users you don’t follow back, users you follow who don’t follow you, etc.

So how do you take the information from Iconosquare and turn it into strategy? Our favorite tool is the ‘Best Time to Post’ chart. That feature charts out all of your posts by day and time and highlights the times of day that get the most engagement from your audience on average. For example, you may see that Thursday evenings at 9 p.m. you get an average of 150 likes based on 22 posts that you have posted over a certain time period. You may also see that Thursday afternoons at 4 p.m. you get an average of 38 likes based on 20 posts over a certain time period. What this tells you is that your audience is more engaged with you at 9 p.m. than at 5 p.m. on Thursdays so you can begin to plan your posts based on when you can expect to have the most action.

Tools like this will be a tremendous help as we begin to see the Instagram algorithm roll out, which will be serving up your posts based on engagement. It is now imperative that you are aware of what your audience is engaging with and when so that you can stay ahead of the algorithm and on top of your followers’ feeds. For less than $5.00 per month you can make the most of your Instagram and ensure that you are continuing to grow your success on one of the most influential social channels to your audience.

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