Dissecting Advertising Success

Anatomy of a Facebook AdA peacock has his feathers. A lion has his mane. And you have your Facebook ad image.

Don’t see the connection?

Feathers, manes and even deer antlers are used to grab the attention of potential suitors. The same is true of the image you use for your social media ads.

At any given time, there are potentially 1,500 posts for the average Facebook user to see based on the number of Pages and friends he or she has connected with. That means you are competing for customers with 1,499 other potential suitors.

Looks like it’s time to shake your tailfeather!

While the copy in your ad and the offer you are promoting will ultimately seal the deal, you have to catch the attention of your potential customer first. Follow these best practices to keep your ad from falling into the scroll hole:

  • Images of people statistically convert best – especially those that show extreme emotion such as happiness (#1) or frustration. Children and animals are also popular, so get creative with your messaging.
  • Pops of color can stop a user in their tracks. Grabbing a follower’s attention can be as simple as featuring a hue that stands apart from Facebook’s blue and white palette and the black and white backdrop on Instagram.
  • Facebook allows you to overlay copy on up to 20% of your ad image. Shoot for clarity over clever, such as an offer (Free trial! or Save $25 off every $100). Canva is a great graphic design tool to add copy to your photographs. See our previous post for the deets on this free-mium service.

If your attention-grabbing graphic has done its job, you’ll have your followers’ eyes and ears. Unfortunately you’ll only have them for eight seconds or so (a second less than a goldfish’s attention span!). Keep your money-making momentum going by clearly communicating who you are targeting and what’s in it for them in the copy of your advertisement – visible above and below the ad image depending on the placement.

You can further increase your conversion rates by making sure your message ends up in the right users’ feeds by laser targeting the Facebook audience who sees it. For more info on designing ads that convert from copy to content, check out our social media for small businesses e-course.

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