With Valentine’s around the corner, this month is a great time to focus on feelings… not your own. Your customers’!

Maya Angelou once said:

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

So how can we make our customers feel the love? Getting to the heart of fabulous customer service is more straightforward than a shot of Cupid’s arrow. That’s why this month’s staff training WORK//SHEETS for WORK//SHOP members include four weekly lessons on the basics of customer service using an easy-to-remember acronym:





So let’s break down how to give them all the good feels when they’re in your store!

F is for… FRIENDLY 

Think of your customers as your BFFs… that’s best friends forever. And that’s because customers who have a positive personal connection with a retailer are more likely to shop in their store. Brainstorm with your employees how all of you can display the friendliness factor in your store. This month’s WORK//BOOK™ e-magazine has a couple of great places to start.

E is for… EDUCATED

As the old saying goes: Knowledge is power. But your sales associates may not realize just how much power they hold. Product knowledge is highly valued by your highly-valued customers, so we’re dedicating this month’s sales plan to a product education strategy to help WORK//SHOP members increase their sales this month and for the remainder of the year.


Great customer service can get your current customers back in your doors, but it can also help you GROW your customer base… and without adding a dollar to your advertising budget. So how can you create an experience that others want to experience? This month’s member WORK//BOOK™ features ways to focus on your customers’ five senses, which is an experience only brick and mortar stores can fully offer.

L is for… LISTEN 

We’ve all heard there’s a reason people have two ears and one mouth, but let’s be real: being seen and not heard is easier said than done. Actively listening to your customers (and taking action when appropriate) is more than worth the effort, though, for three key reasons: increased sales, troubleshooting and affirmation.

This month’s WORK//BOOK™ includes ideas to listen to your customers’ hearts and keep track of trends, address any recurring problems that come up and stop molehills from becoming mountains (plus a printable WORK//SHEET™ to use in your store!).

So are you ready to fill your customers with all the feels?

Members can read the full article on this topic in this month’s WORK//BOOK and download the accompanying WORK//FORCE™ staff training WORK//SHEETS™ in the members’ area of www.retailerworkshop.com.

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