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All Up In Your Business

Photo Cred: @tashalakoz

Before Facebook founding father Mark Zuckerberg became an actual father and gave all his money away, he bought Instagram for a staggering $1 billion dollars. (That’s right, billion with a B.)

It should come as no surprise then that the team behind the most used social media channel in the world has slowly made changes to Instagram, the fastest growing social platform, to align the user experiences of the two.

First came Instagram ads.
Announced in late 2015, businesses can run ads on Instagram through Facebook’s ad manager.

Then came the algorithm.
Instagram rocked the worlds of users and businesses alike with its early 2016 announcement that it would be introducing an algorithm to its news feed.

And just this month, they announced three new analytics and account tools for businesses, which will be rolled out by the end of the year.

1 // Business profiles

Similar to a Facebook Page, business profiles allow Instagram accounts to be recognized as a business. This free feature includes:

  • a contact button next to the following button so that customers can call, text or email with one tap,
  • a location tag users can tap to get directions to your business,
  • a category you can assign your profile to provide customers with more info on the type of business you are,
  • access to the next two new features. (Get the deets below!)

2 // Insights

Similar again to its Facebook counterpart, Insights will help businesses learn about their audiences as well as provide, well, insight into which posts are the most engaging from within Instagram (rather than through a third-party app such as our fave, Iconosquare).

Audience analytics, which will most likely be gathered through Facebook data, will include audience location, gender and age.

Post analytics will provide:

  • impressions – the number of times your posts have been seen
  • reach – the number of people that have seen your posts
  • website clicks – the number of users that have gone to the link in your profile
  • follower activity – the best days and times to reach your followers and the average time they’re on Insta each day
  • top posts – viewable by both a 7 and 30 day period, this feature will allow you to see the life of your posts in addition to evaluating what content best engages your users

3 // Promote

We’re most excited about this new feature, which will allow businesses to turn an Instagram post into an ad with a call-to-action button directly within the app.

With its Ads, Algorithm, Analytics and Account features, it’s clear Instagram is aiming for an A+ experience for businesses using the platform. Do you think Instagram is making the grade? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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