For these business besties with twinning initials, it was

love at first laugh.

While sitting at a Thanksgiving gathering after meeting for the first time, Linley’s ears perked up when Lauren followed a string of heartfelt expressions of gratitude with her own profound statement of thanksgiving…

“I’m thankful for stretchy pants.”

Since that time, the double LPs have been professionally inseparable, with Lauren’s wit perfectly complementing Linley’s larger-than-life personality (thanks in part to her tendency to always get the laugh by repeating Lauren’s jokes just a little bit louder).

Linley + Lauren firmly believe that no one is funnier than they are. Or smarter. They’re working on humility… and building your small business.


She’s a little bit country club…

A Lilly-loving master of lifestyle marketing, Linley Paske was born a social butterfly. Well, actually she was born an only child, allowing her to be the center of attention at home and, with practice, wherever she went. Her ability to get noticed has paid off, quite literally, for the companies for which she has offered her know-how over the last 18 years.

Most recently, she’s served as director of marketing at a leading giftware designer and manufacturer. In just five short years, Linley’s marketing efforts brought the brand to national recognition.

As her career blossomed, so did her abilities, making this brand-builder/photographer/marketing-maven so much more than a triple threat…a threat to your competition, that is. (See what we did there?) Indeed Linley’s ideas are as bright as her favorite Lilly pattern (Lobstah Roll, by the way).


…She’s a little bit rock ‘n roll.

Everyone’s heard tale of the demure Southern woman who never speaks out of turn. That’s not Lauren Pasqualone; that’s her sister. Lauren, on the other hand, was warned from an early age that one is only given so many words in a lifetime and she was quickly running through hers.

Lauren eventually turned her passion for telling a good story into a career, helping businesses share their stories with the right people through her marketing and sales expertise. As Lauren was honing her marketing skills at a number of nationally-noted organizations early in her career, her sweet Southern sister {remember her?} let Lauren tag along on buying trips for her retail store.

More than a decade later, she started working with one of the manufacturers whose showrooms they had visited. {See where this is going?}  As part of the designer’s marketing leadership, Lauren had the privilege of advising hundreds of independent business owners on how they can tell their story too.


It’s not hard to get Linley + Lauren fired up. They love creating smart work that makes things happen. But NOTHING fires them up like working with small biz owners to make their dreams happen. Ready to make big dreams happen for your small business? Contact us >>

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