Dig Into Your Goals and Give Yourself a Gut Check

You’ve set big goals for your year, and boy is it flying by! (Haven’t set goals yet? No sweat! Check out our previous goal setting post to get goaling!)

We know that things come up as often as seconds tick by, so it’s easy to lose sight of your goals. That’s why with more than half of the year behind us, it’s time for a WORK//UP. What’s a WORK//UP you ask? It’s time set aside to check in on your progress, review your goals and tweak if needed so that you stay motivated to TAKE//ACTION.

You shouldn’t wait until you’ve reached your goals to be proud of yourself. You should be proud of every step you take, so let’s check in on your progress first.

Progress Report

Analyze each of your original five goals using the following acronym: (Members can use the WORK//SHEETS included in this month’s subscription.)

  • G // GUT CHECK… Are you nailing it or do you have some work to do?
  • O // What OBSTACLES have you come up against?
  • A // What have you ACCOMPLISHED towards this goal?
  • L // LOOK AHEAD. What’s the next big thing you need to accomplish toward this goal?

Be sure to be honest with yourself. The WORK//UP process is judgment free!

Feeling weighed down?

Make sure that you are only carrying the weight of the things that you identified as important to reaching your goals. If you realize that something has taken over your to-do list, either put it back in its place or take something else off your plate to make up for the extra burden.

Have any new opportunities come up? If so, decide if they are more important than the goals you are already carrying by asking yourself if they are more important than one of your current goals. If they are, decide which goal you want to let go of and switch it out. If not, just say no. (Members, check out page 15 of your annual WORK//FLOW sheets for tips on learning to say no.)

Get goaling again!

Once you’ve worked through your goals and decided if you’re going to tweak them, update your TAKE//CARE lists so you have a plan in place to burst through them! Remember, peeps with written goals achieve approximately 50% more of their goals than those without written goals.

Want to really goal for it? Then head to the members-only Facebook group to share your updated goals with the squad. Goal getters who provide weekly progress reports to a friend accomplish significantly more than others. So get talking and score some goooooooooooooooals!

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