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We’re biz besties, marketing mavens and cofounders of WORK//SHOP™ and Small Biz Besties™ – social media and goal getting training for small biz owners just like you. The bestie part? We’re here to be your biz bestie too! (Did we use that word already?) Grab a cup of joe or a glass of wine – may we suggest rosé? – and dive into all the goodies we offer to increase your sales and decrease your stress. Go on, pinch yourself. (Ouch!) You’re not dreaming… We really are here to make your biz dreams come true.


During High Point Market’s Fall Show on Tuesday, October 25

Take social media off your list so you can get on with taking care of business. After you leave our free seminars, you’ll know exactly how to use Facebook and Instagram to make money for your biz… in less time than you’re probably spending on social now!


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