Hey there, boss babe!

Linley+Lauren here…

We’re biz besties, business and branding coaches and the boss moms behind Working Like Mothers. The bestie part? We’re here to be your biz bestie too! (Did we use that word already?) Our business is to help small biz owners and boss babes take care of business, but our purpose is to help you take care of who and what matters most in your life. Grab a cup of joe or a glass of wine – may we suggest rosé? – and dive into all the goodies we offer to help you take care of what matters most.

Let Linley+Lauren Entertrain You!

Keep your event audience on the edge of their seats (and jumping out of them!) with a keynote or breakout session from Linley+Lauren.


Our one-on-one coaching program is a one-stop shop for all things business and branding. Completely customized to you, we uncover your top aspirations then make strategies and plans to goal get them. Find Out More >>


We’re on a mission to create a national movement of working moms supporting each other and each other’s businesses through our professional network for boss moms. Learn More >>

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